Getting started

The most important resources for those new to the SAFE Network are:

If you are a developer, we also recommend looking at these resources:



Here are the best places to ask for help:


The best way to follow the progress of the SAFE Network is to read the weekly dev updates, which are posted every Thursday in #development:updates.
For less frequent updates, you can follow the SAFE Network Blog.

We also recommend:

Chat rooms

The SAFE Network Forum is great for having in-depth discussions on topics related to the SAFE Network. But in some cases, maybe you don’t feel like creating a new forum topic. For example, you might prefer to first ask your question in a chat room and only create a new forum topic if necessary.

All the chat rooms below are bridged together. For example, any messages you post on Matrix will automatically show up on Telegram, Discord and Gitter.


The General chat room can be used for general discussion about the SAFE Network, and it’s a good place to ask for help.


The Development chat room can be used for technical discussion about the core libraries and APIs of the SAFE Network, and it’s a good place to talk with other developers.


The Trading chat room can be used for discussion about MaidSafeCoin/Safecoin and other cryptocurrencies.


The Off-Topic chat room can be used to chat about politics, philosophy and anything else not directly related to the SAFE Network.


We mainly use the r/safenetwork subreddit.

Meetup groups

SAFE Network enthusiasts meet periodically in meetup groups. It’s a great introduction to the community and a great way to learn and socialize with other people with a similar interest. Meetups are usually informal and open to everyone.

See also:


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