SAFE is a peer-to-peer data storage network that enables developers to build scalable apps.

Illustration of the SAFE Network

SAFE is an open source project developed by MaidSafe and the SAFE Network community.


SAFE Network Wiki

We recommend that you start by reading the SAFE Network Wiki.

You might also be interested in listening to SAFE Network School, a series of podcasts that covers in depth the content of the wiki documentation.

SAFE Network Videos

If you want to get a high level overview of the SAFE Network, you should watch the SAFE Network Introduction video.

See also the following Youtube playlists for more videos:


If you want to look deeper, you should have a look at MaidSafe's whitepapers.

Keep in mind that some of the papers are not up-to-date with the current implementation of the network.

Ask questions

SAFE Network Forum

The SAFE Network Forum is the main discussion forum of the SAFE Network community.

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Before asking a question, try doing a search. You will find a lot of good content!

SAFE Network Chat

Slack is currently the main chat software of the SAFE Network Community.

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But it has many limitations, which is why we are also experimenting with Discord.

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As for IRC channels, we currently use #safenetwork and #maidsafe.

SAFE Network Reddit

We are currently in the process of transitioning from /r/maidsafe to /r/safenetwork.

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Stay up-to-date

This Week in SAFE

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Blogs & Podcasts

Development updates, announcements, articles, interviews, etc.

David Irvine and Nick Lambert


Meetups, presentations, hackathons, etc.

Erick Lavoie and Francis Brunelle (October 2014)

Get involved

SAFE Network Apps

A SAFE App is a piece of software built using the SAFE Network API.

SAFE DNS Example

You can go to to see a list of SAFE Apps that are built by the community.

SAFE Network API

To access the SAFE Network, apps can communicate with SAFE Launcher via a REST API.

SAFE DNS Example

If you'd like to build a SAFE App, you should study the API Documentation and the source code of the Example Apps.

SAFE Network Libraries

Previously, the SAFE Network was being developed in C++.

Rust programming language logo

Now, all the core libraries are written exclusively in Rust, a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents nearly all segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.